Holistic bodywork includes massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.  We meet and discuss your needs and wants and create a custom plan  for you.

♥   I want you walking out of of every session feeling lighter and brighter.   ♥

60 minute session $75

75 minute session $95

90 minute session $110

120 minute session $140

Therapeutic and licensed massage and energy healing personalized to meet your needs. Pressure adapted towards your liking using over 17 years of hands on experience.

A session may include Native American clearing methods and/or healing sound bowls, reiki and cupping. Feeling lighter both physically and energetically and able to walk lighter upon the Earth.

All ‘Quiet Thyme’ sessions use preservative free and hand blended oils or cream, warm heated towels and an offering of high quality aromatherapy of your choosing.

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