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Hi, I'm Emily. 

I’ve been actively working in the holistic healing arts for over 24 years. I am an ever evolving student and practitioner of all things wellness. I have a background and passion in holistic bodywork, breath work, meditation, aromatherapy, sound healing, pilates and yoga. 

My goal is to help you feel lighter and brighter after our time together—whether that's after a yoga class or a customized bodywork, sound healing or meditation session.

When I'm not on the mat, with clients, or with my kids ... you can find me outdoors on this continent or another.

My greatest joy is to help people feel more connection to their bodies, breath and to nature. Will you join me?

Emily Peterson, LMT, CR, 500hrRYT

Discover the importance of Quiet Thyme. Everyone needs a moment to recharge and tap into their genuine joy. 

The name's backstory unfolds from a homemaker to a holistic wellness expert. Having experienced the necessity for moments of tranquility in my own life, Iacknowledge this need in others as well.


Quiet Thyme Wellness is on a mission to inform and offer opportunities for individuals seeking renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. The moment to embrace this initiative is now.


Whether you're a beginner eager to grasp the fundamental principles of yoga or an experienced yogi seeking to enhance your practice, I'm here to meet your needs. 


Indulge in the tranquil serenity of a sound bath on our website, where calming vibrations and gentle frequencies offer a peaceful and rejuvenating experience


Experience the rejuvenating touch of holistic bodywork on our website, featuring a personalized blend of massage, reflexology, energetic healing, and aromatherapy.


Elevate your wellness journey with our Pilates services, designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall vitality.

 Corporate Wellness

Revitalize your workforce with comprehensive corporate wellness programs designed to enhance employee well-being and productivity. Tailored initiatives encompass fitness challenges, stress management workshops, yoga, stretching and mindfulness sessions. By investing in the health and happiness of your team, my programs not only foster a positive workplace culture but also contribute to reduced absenteeism and increased employee engagement. Elevate your company's performance by prioritizing the holistic well-being of your most valuable asset – your employees.

“Enjoyed my first massage with Emily today & will definitely be going back! I would recommend her to anyone looking for any massage or reflexology needs. She was warm, welcoming, knowledgeable & skillful... Absolutely amazing! ”



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